club of the star pipol!!!

turn back and say bye bye!

This is the soon to be website of a webcomic named: "Interstellar Century",but I wont link anything that could lead you to the site,becuase I'm working on it! It is highly under construction. I was today years old when set myself the goal about this website, be patient with me,thank you for understanding xoxo! (until then let me tell you about my comic series!)

Interstellar Century is a comic series,that started in mid 2021 and lasts until this sparkling day! And hopefully until the frightening eternity! This website will be a long time learning experience for me and hopefully a pleasing experience for you,yes you!!!!! Some rooms and artworks depict violence and gore,sitesurfer discretion is advised! If youre an extreme bug-lover !!!THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU!!! (bug people are often injured or killed in the series)

Worry not, people my inside puter! If you don't feel or just want to be a human,you can find a delightful little nest here! found me

i'm still a very beginner in html and i will probably mess up a lot of times along the way,but i hope that years after i'll be able to delete this paragraph and say "i know how to do this" out loud. one day! until then,this text will be put in here,inmoveably!! I stand my truth,this paragraph will echo throughout history, my friend!

scared human is key to the printersite

still work in progress by: ChauChau64/PrinterGirl

(from 2023)

this will take for a long time