Who is ChauChau64 and What is Interstellar Century?

Oh well,that's just silly ol' me! I work on a comic series named Interstellar Century which was heavily inspired by me wanting to go to live in a college dorm,but never experiencing it {yet,because who knows?}
The stories main character is a young hybrid woman named "Tubii", who lives in a dorm with other mildly unpleasant creatures. The dorm they live in was infected by the dying Sun. The Earth started to crack up slowly,losing its regular physics,and oh boy oh god,there they are floating in the eternal darkness on a platform! Look at them go!
With no hope or sign of life from the people,who stayed on Earth our crew accepted their fate and went with the depressing and nervously eternal flow.

Some people might say that just giving up and leave this life would be such a better choice than stay in such a cold place you have to call home. But not our fellow boys and girls! They enjoy every single dripping minute of it!

I am not the most experienced human being, forgive me if I do anything wrong on the interweb. I'm new to the feeling of being watched by eyes rather than cameras.

Interstellar Century is a very young series,but ya' know what they say! You have to give love and time for a plant to grow..
And probably insect spray...

But who is PrinterGirl you may ask..you can learn more about that sweetheart right here!
started from: 2022. 07. 17 with the first minicomic named intro issues.

Bored out of you mind? Here's some entertainment until you feel ready to look for more!!


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