sweet beast for coward humans

A young hybrid woman with two strange dog ears. Born with animalistic features. Stated in a biology dissertation, that animalistic hybrids can act very interested towards humans, mostly respecting and talking to them in a humanic tone. The Dorm is her initial yard, that she takes care of. Being the intitled hard-worker she is, she acts very agressivey towards strangers who dare to wander into her territory. Even with some irritating residents, who make her mind boil, she takes violence as a tool to keep her "yard" safe.
Tubii's most adored treasure is her human, that she guards from the big big world Pupa. Sometimes gaining feral and animalistic traits (like biting, scratching, using materials directly from near her) just so she can save her human treasure.

Has non-detachable ears and tail, she tried to tear or cut them down with scissors,but after feeling the most miserable and dire pain, she forgot bout this idea. After that one incident, she can only use safety scizzors.

Despite her reacting rather uneasy and frustrated to anything unlucky happening to her and her best friend, she usually faces other humans and some creatures with a quite friendly and calm manner. She loves to play board games with her very tiny amount of friends and gets them presents from dumpsters and garbage disposal. Don't get too sad! She has a great sense of finding just the right gifts for just the right buddies!

She had a hat for covering her sensitive ears,but she lost it probably at a gas station or a train station. She still misses it and has fever dreams about what hat servitors could do to that innocent and kind being.

Sometimes losts her vision and looks around all confused and scared. Those yellow eyes are not the sharpest!

Somebody speculated that Tubii might not be alive and is just a living,working,breathing machine..don't be stupid,stupid! Look at her! So young,alive and free, like a young dogwoman could ever be!

This months fun fact about Tubii! : She is afraid of floating orbs outside her window, after a specific accident, she's terrified of the though of touching one of those!

GUIDE IF YOU EVER SEE HER: No sudden movement or violence towards Pupa nor her. Talk with a rather calm, but not mocking voice. No touch to the ears nor near the face area. Near the Dorm is off the table aswell, if you ever catch her there * more like she catches you * try to escape from the situation immediately. The Dorm is her yard. She will protect it, whatever it costs. If you catch her somewhere off her territory, she will remain calm and chill-headed most of thze time, she might be a little frustrated at times, but that's because she is scared or feels lost at the moment. In that case leave her be, she will come home, trying to help her can be dangerous.

INTERESTED IN: humans ( honestly only Pupa) , ways to keep her "yard safe", websites that people make about their dogs (relatable) , ways to hurt a humanoid so much so that it will eventually go away from her sight, crappy old horror movies ,ways to eat all the flesh down a bone

LIKES:her human Pupa, bones, stealing worthless garbage ( collecting in her eyes ), tiny and soggy places to sleep in, ice cubes, her long lost hat and Machine Girl. Some creatures stated to see her at a Machine Girl concert from back then, but that statement remained un

HATES: Viper. Viper again, just so you can feel her rage. Scammers and french people. Agressive creatures. Strangers inside the Dorm. Ants and matchboxes. Have I mentioned Viper?

Special Abilities:
High strenght, Well-hearing,yet sensitive ears. She can walk very lighty and silently,so that the enemy never hears her, developed not too long ago. Her footsteps are silent when she's barefoot/in socks, she doesn't wear shoes at all most of the time. Kicking into Vipers head with great precision and love. She can fit into really small places, and likes it too!